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Hello, I am ManiacTenshiMakenshi, but you can call me CroĆ­ (pronounced as "Cree" and meaning "heart" in Irish).

My usernames include:
Sakumie Tenshi, ManiacTenshiMakenshi, TenshiMakenshi, ManiacTenshi, KuroTenshi-tan.

I am pretty shy, but very friendly. I'm into just about anything art-related, especially literature, Japanese animation, and music. Psychology and culture really interest me as well. I'm up to date with Soul Eater, but some other fandoms I've either really been into or haunt include Homestuck, Naruto, Artemis Fowl, Left 4 Dead, and Supernatural. Feel free to ask me if I like something~ I tend to love psychological thrillers, realistic and deep romances, supernatural junk, zombie junk, and just about any story where things are intense such as life and death situations but well executed with likable characters (for games, think Silent Hill and L4D). I'm a drama lover, within my picky boundaries. I also have a soft spot for fluff like shoujo romances, again according to my specific tastes.

I just really like seeing characters suffer emotional turmoil that forces them to develop themselves and their relationships. I don't like gore, but I like horror, especially dealing with psychology and suspense. I just like a lot of things that provoke emotion and thought.

For pairings/ships I'm into, you can check my Pairing Wall on my deviantART or ask me. I may eventually get around to posting an entry here for it.
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